Our VPN HoSting

Military-Grade Encryption

IKEv2/IPsec / OpenVPN

5200+ Servers In 60 Countries

199 of those servers are in Australia.

DNS Leak Protection

DNS leak protection technology to protect your activity incase DNS servers send unencrypted queries outside your VPN.



Search Engine Optimisation

Web Hosting

We host websites and provide fast, speedy and secure web access to your website users. Our hosting solutions Include shared, virtual and dedicated enviroments.


We build websites that can pay for themselves!

VPN Hosting

Every few years something becomes the next big thing and keeping up with these changes for any business is hard enough let alone being able to scale and adapt fast enough to be ahead of the curve.

WebJex isn’t just a web design and web hosting agency located in little old Adelaide that pushes out websites and hosts them for our clients.

We create solutions for your business who want to be using the latest technology with the latest strategies that creates real changes to your business that saves you time and even money in your day to day business costs.

For example if your website e-mail contact form sends an e-mail to you with a new lead which you would have to add it manually to a CRM. We would typically recommend implementing a cost effective system that turns your enquiries into leads faster using systems already available for free or low cost that would save you a heck amount of time and could potentially save costs.

And to make sure we are doing all we can, we will provide all your affordable web hosting and domain needs and host your website on world leading platforms and services.